Are we on the same page? You and I?

3.46 am, 07/11/2014,



Where are we currently?

Are we still on the same page?

Are we anywhere close, you and I?

Have we made it past a very long list of barriers and blocks??

“much tribulation, the furnace of affliction, chastening and scourging????

( in the physical?)

[[[[[ through all of our unique individual emotional hang ups? ]]]]]

[ into the many social areas and the all too frequent vicious battlegrounds? ]

and then

< were we still able to connect with the Holy Spirit and to stay connected? >

and did we welcome and did we receive and did we apply all of the truth given to us?

and did you know that there is much much much much more yet to come    . . . /////.<

…are you O.K.?

… do you want a break?

… do you need to take a deep deep breath and take a break?

out at 4.26 am, 07/11/2014.


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