I do recognize and I do realize that many people do want health and they do want wellness and they do want a better life, but they will make better progress with good guidance . . . /////., >>, >>>, >>>!

10.29 am, Sunday, 09/11/2014,

> so what happens?

> people run into snags & snares

> do they understand there are  solutions.

> stupid little things are allowed to get in their way.

> so that their wishes and their desires just never materialize.

> I believe that many if not most of these people can be given real help.

> and I believe they should be helped in many ways and in all possible ways,

by those who do know and who understand what to do, how to do it and when!!!


If we do know what to do and we do understand what to do, how and when, do we also know “what to say to others” when they are stuck and/or when they are down?


and are we ready to not be critical of them, but to be helpful in every way possible?


> I am a very very very active 79 year old senior interested in good diet, adequate exercise > leading to physical health > to emotional wellness >>even to spiritual life

> for all adults and all older adults, for most seniors and for many many elders too.

out at 11.15 am, Sunday, 09/11/2014.


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