Initially, who will provide support?

5.59 am, 10/11/2014,

For all adults

over the age of 45

forego all of that belly fat.

This opportunity is enormously gigantic!

Learn how to become 10 to 15 or even 20 years younger

in just one year’s time, if you learn what to do and how do do it right!


BUT there is some extra effort initially while all the right steps in the process

are fully articulated and illustrated and demonstrated and practiced ’till they are perfect.


> Clearly clarify the entire process for the first contingent of (10) ten willing volunteers.

> They become our first examples

> We id the steps needed all along the way

> They become the role models of what is now possible

– log out 6.29 am, 10/11/2014.

> the goal is more healthy self reliant independent seniors and elders living disease free.

> another important goal is to rescue our Health Care System from a pending bankruptcy.

> who is interested in bringing health back and wellness back to Canadians?

log out 6.46 am, 10/11/2014.

log in again at 7.04 am,

>”And who is interested in getting much, much, much, much much more out of this life?

logging in again at 7.57 am,

> “Who is up to speed on the latest and the greatest Azheimer’s and Dementia Care?”

> “Who want’s to be part of a very powerful action initiative?”

> become doers of the word and a doer of the work

> and not hearers only.

out at 8.02 am.

> it is easy to talk lots

> and do little

out at 8.10 am.

> it is difficult to say little

> and do much

out at 8.30 am

> who will read Galatians 5:13, Galatians 6:10 and Ephesians 4:12-15 with me today?

out at 8.38 am.


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