a bit about the healing of dysfunctional relationships

5.00 am, 11/11/2014

signing out.

back in again at 5.04 am.

do you

want to

learn how

to establish

and maintain



[[[[[ honest ]]]]]


< with truthful communication >


at the present time

do you find this easy or difficult to do?

does it sometimes seem to be impossible?

If and when there is friction and disagreement

even if you seek full resolution and restoration

what are the stages and what are the corrective steps?

> what all do you see?

? +/- > have you found a soul mate?

? +/- > is there unity of the spirit in the bond of peace?

What are you inspired to do and what are you prompted to do?

Are you seeking and searching for God with all of a new heart?

*edit 5.23 pm, 11/11/2014, if we will cease our own works

and then, **edit, if we can just enter into the Lord’s rest

( ? ), [[[[[ ? ]]]]], [    XXXxx  xxXXX   ], /////.< ,    >, >>, >>>, >>>, >>>+++++
unfortunately, some of us still prefer armed conflict.
Remembering, today is Remembrance Day.
out at 5.34 am.
in again at 6.13 am.
after all has been said
and all that we can do has been done
who understands that it is time for all of us to let go
( X ), [[[[[ X ]]]]], [                X             ], /////.<  >, >>, >>>, >>>   and let God  >>>+++++
6.29 am.
sign in again at 7.49 am, 11/11/2014,
review Isaiah 6:9-10 with me and try to visualize what is being stated.
God’s people are wearing blindfolds and their hearts have been hardened.
They do not see things God wants them to see and they do not care about God’s people. 
sign out at 8.01 am.

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