Attention all Canadians and all of Canada and Saskatchewan in particular, this very critical choice is clearly ours to make.

We can learn natural healthy lifestyle strategies and we can apply them.

. . . at little cost and in many cases at NO COST!

. . . . . . save millions and SAVE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in health care costs

> “when do you have 5 or 10 minutes to chat?”

> I have a list of this and that and the other.

We can moan and groan and we can murmur and complain and we can belly ache.

…………………………..AND we can sit back and allow illness and disease to run rampant.

and as one of many examples  > A new dementia patient will be diagnosed in Canada every two minutes over the next 30 years unless preventive measures are taken.

BUT,  individually and collectively we have this very, Very, VERY BIG choice to MAKE!

> YES,  we can learn natural healthy lifestyle strategies.


> YES, we can apply them correctly,

> psst! “so that you will not develop dementia in your lifetime.”

> Who wants to learn how?

> Who wants to reap the benefits?

> Who wants to harvest all of the blessings?

> real soon?

> now?

signing out at 8.57 am

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