today’s post is an invitation to each and every community is Saskatchewan to step up to the plate and take part

to step up to the plate and do what?

“What is the goal which I am setting before you today?”

“Let us discuss good physical health and emotional wellness for all ages.

We can talk about health and wellness until we are blue in the face and get nowhere fast.

UNTIL we actually do all of the “right things”

learn how to do all of them “right”

we set up a ” *program “

* < *suitable >

and follow it


until we are able to

achieve the exact results we require.

That is to say, we achieve precisely the exact results specified.

Got your doubts and a list of reasons a mile long as to why this can never work?

for you maybe, but please give others with *hope and *faith to believe their opportunity!

> this is a brand new ball game, so to speak, in case you haven’t noticed.

> much to learnmuch for us to do right and then do righteously.

it is 4.30 am, Saturday, 15/11/2014.

> now it is 5.06 am.

do you c?

do you C?

“do you see the great opportunity I see and the mighty one I hope to C?”

> I’m told that some people don’t like what I say, nor what I do.

> Am I wearing out my welcome all over again and again?

> join me for five, so we can read Ezekiel 2:7 together.

> if you have the time, join me for ten.

> out again at 5.11 am.

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