a healing center should be established asap to take advantage of this existing opportunity!

5.12 am, 17/11/2014

I believe this

that just as soon as possible

I would like to help establish a healing center somewhere in Canada.

I propose to help establish a healing center somewhere in Saskatchewan.

I’m thinking exceptional, out in front, the very Best of the very BEST!

The out of pocket start up costs could be minimal.

The operating costs could be very very low.

This initiative is easily doable

in any number of places.

If you are interested,

more can be said, and much can be done.

Ten volunteers who can and who initially  will fully participate.

Ten men and/or ten women

who are strong and

of good courage

< spiritually! >

see Dt. 31:6

see Dt. 30:19-20

a great opportunity for all ages

for adults, older adults, seniors and/or elders.

signing out again at 6.03 am.

5.28 am, 17/11/2014.



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