God willing this healing center is here!

3.17 am, Tuesday, 18/11/2014.

I see it.

do you see it?

more can be said soon.

Who is with me in this?

more will be written and spoken soon.

so let’s do it

and let us do it now.

*edit 5.45 am, 19-11-2014, God willing, this healing Center is here right now this minute.


3.31 am, 18/11/22014.

I’ve said this before, that I believe Isaiah 48:17-18 applies to me.

I also believe that Isaiah 58:6-14 is about to apply to me and to those who are with me.

> I hope to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

> Who will do all of Ephesians 4, 5 and 6 with me?

> Is your heart turning to the Lord?

> do you want it to?

> “You, Sir?”

> “Ma’am?”

( ? ),

[[[[[ ? ]]]]],

[     XXX  ?  xx  ],                                                  psst!   >  this is Luke 12:51-52

< Ephesians 4:13-16? >

< in your personal relationships? >

< can you say yes?   AND   will you say no? >

*edit 6.12 am, 04-12-2014, <   can we say NO?     AND    will we say YES?   >

< is John 17:3?, 17:21-23? and John 17:26? real for you? >

* edit > what is all there?

** edit > what is still lacking?

*** edit > be totally honest with yourself!

> we’ll soon see.

> we will see soon.

> where are you in your walk?  …..walkout?

> who is working with fear and who is working with faith?

it is now 4.10 am.

Thank You, Father!Thank You, Lord Jesus!


I’m feeling that I am ready for a new  * website.                                                                          – but, please realize that it takes strong *faith  * edit 5.55 am, 19-11-2014

**edit, 6.12 am, 19-11-2014 – please realize that to **change, it takes very strong faith!

***edit, please recognize this applies equally to any and all ages. 6.20 am, 19-11-2014.


4.12 am.

3.41 am.

I’m believing for the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

4.20 am.

****edit > If you believe you are ready to participate or willing to contribute a dollar or two,

> please join me in person and face to face for five or ten minutes or longer

> we could visit James One and ask God our Father in Heaven for His guidance.

4.48 am

signing in again at 6.28 am

Should I do a new post or add comments to this post or do both???

I’m thinking that we all have choices:

please share your thoughts on helping others

> if we learn what to do and how to do it right every time.

> we learn to do what is right and diligently seek to do what is righteous.

> if we gain understanding and knowledge we can use it to help others in need.

> I believe the Bible clearly tells us to help others as much as possible.

> not squirrel away and hide what we learn about helping ourselves.

> we should share what we learn and we can teach others

> we can supervise, guide and coach them too.

> we can help them heal and recover.

> study Isaiah 58: 6-14

> then contact me

> soon.

7.00 am



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