Yes Sir, Yes Siree, I`m believing for a very advanced state of the ART healing center.

3.26 am, Wednesday, 19, 11, 2014,

My computer is acting up again, but that`s O.K. for the moment.

I`ll get that glitch fixed soon.

No sweat!

What is important now is getting this new healing center up and running right

and then to get it “running righteously“ as soon as possible.

which will become our collective priority!

Thank You Father,

and Thank You Lord Jesus

out at 3.30 am,

I`m believing that God Our Father is teaching me and leading by the way that I should go.

and I“m believing that the LORD is guiding me continually.

– refer to Isaiah 48:17 and Isaiah 58:11.

* I`m looking for “qualified“ participants who want to be healed completely

** and, I`m looking for solid supporters to do this particular work!

*** Christian believers don`t need to be sick

**** Christians do not need ten illnesses.

*****Christians need no disease.

****** Who sees what I see

out at 4.04 am.

in again at 5.15 am

******* Who agrees.

out again at 5.15 am.

in again at 5.31 am,

My belief is that the doers of the word and those who can become a doer of the work are the solid supporters needed to do this particular work.

out at 5.34 am,

Thank You Father!

Thank You Lord Jesus!

5.35 am.


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