Father, teach me/us when to say “YES”, when to say “NO” and when to say “Amen!”

Monday, 24/11/2014, 3.20 am,

when do I/we say

NO to Isaiah 58:4

YES to Isaiah 58:6-12

AMEN to Isaiah 58:13-14, > Ephesians 4:3-15, > James 1:22-25, > Hebrews 10:36,                     > 2 Peter 1:4, 5 f, Revelation 3:21, > Revelation 21:7, > Revelation 22:14

signing out at 3.28 am.

> signing in at 8.40 am, Tuesday, 25/11/2014, >  I repeat yesterday’s prayer today, word for word, with this one *edit  > Ephesians 4: 3-24, signing out at 8.49 am.

> signing in at 7.05 am, Wednesday, 26.11.2014, > I re read yesterday’s postings and repeated yesterday’s prayer. I was then prompted to read several passages out of Job.           > signing out at 7.17 am Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus for blessing me.

> signing in at 6.24 am, Thursday, 27.11.2014, > last evening and this morning, I included Galatians 5 and 6 and Romans 7 and 8 in my scripture readings. > I believe that it is key to be led by the Holy spirit and not go off in our own direction and under our own steam.                > signing out at 6.29 am.  > see also Philippians 2:13  > 6.30 am.

> signing in at 8.02 am, Saturday, 29-11-2014, > Father, I want to thank You and praise You and give You honor and give You glory, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen. I admit that I do not really know how, but I have the desire and I have the hope and the belief that You will teach me and lead me and You will guide me continually as per Isaiah 48:17 and 58:11.                       > signing out at 8.09 am. > Thank You for Romans 15:4,5 and 6!  Thank You for things written, our learning, the patience and comfort of the scripture and the hope.                        > Thank You for the assurances of Philippians 1:6, 2:13 and 4:13.



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