“Saskatchewan, are we ready for this?”

7.32 am, Friday, 28-11-2014,

Who in Saskatchewan, besides yours truly,

God willing, a soon to be elder,

would like to see a case of Parkinson’s disease fully healed?

a few cases of hypertension fully healed, including my own?

and then, who would also desire the arrest of the progression of

numerous new cases of confirmed Alzheimer’s?

out at 7.49 am.

If you are

an adult in your 30’s or 40’s, an older adult in your 50’s or 60’s, a senior in your 70’s or an elder in your 80’s, you are invited to comment and if you so desire to *participate fully!!!!!

this edit completed at 8.04 am./ after *edit, out at 9.44 am.


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