“Father: am I entitled to and am I qualified to attempt to do this for You?”

1.27 am, 30-11-2014.

I’m asking:

“Do Canadians want good physical health and emotional wellness anytime soon?”


??? > “What do people say they want?”

????? > “What is the actual truth of this crucial matter?”

edits ??? and ????? added at 3.00 am – 3.05 am, 30-11-2014.

“Should I attempt to establish this state of the ART Healing Centre in Saskatchewan?”

Father: “Am I entitled to and am I sufficiently qualified at this point to attempt to start this?”

Father: “Do you want me to do this for You, as well and as thoroughly as I am able?”

signing out at  2.12 am., 30-11-2014.

– with the focus put on doing the word, doing the work and doing the will of God as per:

> Galatians 5:13-14 to Galatians 6:9-10 and also Isaiah 58:6-12 and Isaiah 58:13-14.

signing out again at 2.31 am, 30-11-2014.

“Father, I can start tomorrow.”

– out again at 2.39 am.


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