Sask volunteers in their 80’s wanted to become role models for healthy living!

5.46 am, Wednesday, 03-12-2014,

I for one,  believe that

this team of Saskatchewan elders could learn how to become healthy and well.

this team of elders could then learn how to stay very healthy and very well.

these elders now became role models for all Canadians to see

coast to coast and a Mari usque ad Mare

As a result we all learn how to save

$150 Billion in health care costs

which is now available

a Mari usque ad Mare

to help communities

just like your community

in better ways!

to do many things much better

in many ways!

(even “smart cities“, perhaps a la Melissa O’Mara ) – this *edit at 8.56 am

hear me out!

hear this:

it is so so easy to do

let me say this again:

it is so very easy to do

think this through . . . eh!

out at 6.30 am.

elders in their 80’s become a role model for seniors in their 70’s

and the role model for older adults in their 50’s and 60’s

do you get the picture I’m painting here?

are we on the same page?

who sees the GREAT


out once again at 6.36 am.

in and out

moving about

up and down

but doing this right and doing other things < righteously >

> moving sufficiently often to do this health JOB as it needs doing.

join me for a brief viewing of p 59 of Sitting Kills/Moving heals by Joan Vernikos. > 6.42am.


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