About me

in at 8.43 am, Saturday, 06-12-2014.

I was told recently I’m judgmental by one person and by another I’m too particular.

I was also told recently that some people don’t like what I say and don’t like what I do.

fyi, I was escorted off a church property in Winnipeg by the Winnipeg City Police, 17 years ago                                                           >  for trying three times to tell the pastor and then the ushers and the congregation that we need to repent as per Luke 13:3/5.

I hope to either start up a new website or to add illustrations and video to this blog.

I hope to do some short video clips to demonstrate the moves I make which keep me fit.

I’m seeking and searching to understand what to do to help myself and to help others.

and the blessing is, I’m picking up new material each and every day.

I’m hoping to do the word, the work and God’s will.

“No dull moments …eh!”

in Spirit and in truth

out at 8.54 am.

9.12 am.


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