If you hope to be healed of every illness and all disease, seek to overcome and eliminate all of the sin in your life! OK?

it is 1.24 am, 09/12/2014, Tuesday, December 9th, 2014.

first out at 1.27 am and in again at 1.30 am., December 9th, 2014.

Who agrees with me? and who disagrees that disease can be healed?

But no contention or strife. No butting heads and no locking horns any more.

What is your opinion and what is your belief and how is your faith and your fears?

I believe that if you find God’s perfect love, God will cast out all those ugly fears.

I’ll arrange to get you a GIDEONS Bible and find 1 John 4:18 for you to study.

Then you can start to get ready immediately and can begin to prepare today.

If you say that you want healing and wellness, do you also hope for eternal life?

Do you believe that God will heal you once you eliminate all of the sin in your life?

If you want to chat about what to do, start with a thorough review and you make notes.

> consider keeping a journal of your progress ( * ), [[[[[ ? ]]]]], [  XXXxx xxXXX  ], < ++ >

If your care giver is a believer we will gather together in Jesus name >see Mt.18:19-20.

out again at 2.05 am.

Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for blessing me and all of us abundantly!

in once again at 2.34 am, as I approach my 80th birthday in October 2015, God willing  there are several  major projects which I hope to accomplish with active participation from a number of older adults and  healthy seniors and and from many active elders.

in again at 2.55 am and out at 2.57 am.

Coming soon:   ( detail ), [[[[[ detail ]]]]], [ detail ], more detail < and much more detail >


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