full disclosure of intentions and hope, full documentation in detail, done in camera with open sharing of information and understanding

in at 9.01 am, 10/12/2014

I’m going to attempt to edit yesterday’s post for the 2nd time this morning.

What was I hoping to say yesterday?

My hope and desire is for disclosure and sharing of what we hope to accomplish, how we intend to proceed and what actually happens  as we proceed.

May I give you some examples of what is on my mind.

It is easy to say one thing and then do another and then come up with all kinds of excuses which just confuses everything and almost everyone most of the time.

> I don’t need confusion and please I do not want confusion. 8.35 I’ll sign out now and explain when I’m back in a few minutes.  > back at 8.46. brewed a pot of  coffee.

> I’m hoping for/ believing for results which can vary from good, to Better to The BEST

> the reason being not everyone tries their best and not everyone follows instructions.

> another reason is many people are black and white thinkers and do not get the detail.

> There is more I could say.

> I do hope this helps.

> and in spite of the mountainous obstacles, I am believing for GREAT things.

> For starters, I’m believing that God will be healing Parkinson’s disease soon and will be showing some of his people what to do exactly to prevent Alzheimers.


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