if you are a strong christian or hope to be one soon, please consider offering a helping hand for the next few months

1.53 am, Friday, 12.12.2014,

….full time, part time or even periodically now and again

at the very least . . .

projects will include:                                                                                                     a bed and breakfast,                                                                                                              a boarding house,                                                                                                      a senior’s complex for 5-25 adults based on independent living                                       year round community gardens                                                                                            a selection of garden suites for couples and singles                                          downsizing support                                                                                                            100 special health and wellness programs                                                                          numerous other health and wellness programs                                                                     a healing center for any and all illness and diseases that plague society and Christians

signing out at 2.39 am.

There is an even bigger BIG picture in all of this

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