Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Great Love for all of us

logging in at 4.31 am, Sunday December 14th, 2014,

4.33 Thank You for your great love for all of us, even for the bully                                            who oppose themselves and make life difficult for me and for many others

Thank You for teaching me, for leading me and for guiding me continually.

Thank You for the Bible study, for the abundant revelation and the hands on experience

out at 4.40 am. > in again at 4.44 am.

Thank You for teaching me about the treachery of fear and our essential need for faith in You and for teaching me patience and for giving me the opportunity to confess my faults.

signing out at 4.49 am. > back in again at 4.54 am to say this

Thank You for leading me to Romans Chapter 10 (4.55 am ) and for encouraging me to call upon the name of the Lord – > signing out at 4.56 am again and again . 4.59 am.

5.05 am > Thank You Father for leading me to read Romans 10:11 again just now and for the insight and for the revelation and the understanding relating to the total healing of one or more Parkinson’s disease patients who is helped to overcomes their fear or fears and with the prayer support of true believers perfects that which is lacking in their faith                              >  see 1 Thessalonians 3:10 and James 4:2, James 4:3 and James 5:16

signing out at 5.21 am.



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