For that really GREAT life, Confess your faults one to another, and seek the truth

in at 3.46 am, Tuesday, 16.12.2014,

I’ll say it again,

For that really GREAT life you have been hoping for and dreaming of, one important key which is easy to overlook and too easy to sluff off is a willingness to confess your faults one to another, especially if that special person is spiritually mature and knows how to actively listen and will give you all the right and then all of the “rigtheous” feedback.

the whole 9 yards, holding nothing back, and speaking the truth in love without lying.

This is a tough process, there are bumps and bruises galore and there is a steep learning curve, but if you are willing and able to keep your cool and stick with the program, the rewards are plenty full and the blessings are countless.

see James 5:16 on page 1258 in my a k.j.v. for more of the instruction regarding how to be healed.

Mid day yesterday, I had an altercation with Linda which did not go well. Still in process.

I do 104 flights of stairs almost every day. Yesterday, I did a second set of 104 flights of stairs to cool off and as of 3.45 am this morning and as of 4.24 am, as I’m posting this, I am not stiff and I am not sore.

Why am I mentioning all this?

I’m 79 year old senior and God willing by October 2015, I’II be an active elder past 80.

Now, back to you and your hopes and dreams and plans and ambitions etc,

You are hoping!

You are dreaming!

You want a good life and you do desire a GREAT LIFE!


“OK, what to do?”

You will need to understand and follow a really GREAT LIFESTYLE!

BUT before that can be accomplished, each of us must escape an ugly MESS we are in.

This is a BIG piece of that puzzle and a MAJOR part of the transition from the physical, emotional and social bondages we eventually discover ourselves in and where we are stuck until we choose to make some required CHANGES to our attitudes and behavior patterns and we must change much of our thinking too.

If this does not make sense to you, then this lack of understanding is a stumbling block.

out at 4.54 am.


I’ll say this again and again and again

If today’s post does not make sense, you may be in denial or not paying attention.

out again at 5.13 am.

> be sober   > be vigilant:    > because     > in and out again at 5.31 am

in again at 5.45 am,

if you want to be physically healthy

and you really really want to be emotionally well

currently, you are making much effort to discover the right lifestyle

and especially if you are hoping to discover the path that leads to eternal life

if you also hope to be more socially active, then you and I have much in common

at this moment you do want to be free and do you have great hopes to be free indeed.

out again at 6.00 am.


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