“OK!”, “What’s the next MAJOR step?”

in at 6.36 am, Tuesday, 16.12.2014, out again 6.36 am

in again at 6.38 am,

“So what’s the next MAJOR step?”

first, let us review our individual and collective progress to date:

1) I John 2:15, Xx, Xx

2) 2 Corinthians 6:16,17 and 18:      >, X, Xx, > ++++

3) what should happen next?

BUT typically, what does happen?

what I see is each person claims their territory and sets up their boundaries

>   [[[[[  ???     ]]]]]


“this is my space, don’t invade my personal space and don’t ever step on my toes.”

> allow me to articulate and illustrate and demonstrate what happens collectively

there are how many in your group? [[[[[ ??,  ???? ]]]]],  [[[[[ ? ]]]]],  [[[[[ ?? ]]]]], [[[[[ ??? ]]]]]

with how many secrets and how much hidden agenda??


if I get too close?

and I/we attempt to interact socially, then what?

[ let us go together to Luke 12:51 and Luke 12:52 and read a bit about division ]

I’ll stop here for now, out at 6.56 am.

Father, if I see walls and barriers, am I being judgmental and too particular??



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