Saskatchewan, we have available to us at this time the exact key which is needed universally to open the door to a healthy lifestyle and to eternal life!

8.28/8.36 am, Thursday, 18-12-214, out at 8.38 am

in at 8.53 am. title edit out at 8.58 am/in again and out at 9.22 am /9.27 am. /9.33 am /940 am   /10.13 am

it is now 10.21 am, Thursday, 18-12-2014 and I’m asking who is interested the benefits and the blessings which are all on the other side of this padlocked locked door

Saskatchewan, are we interested?

Thunder Bay, Ontario, is your city interested?

Rhode Island, U. S. A., would you folks be interested?

* fyi, at 2.30 PM EST, 12-18-14 it was announced in the morning that an ACO has been launched to improve care coordination for more than 15,000 R. I. residents.

To me, it all sounds very progressive and very positive to a certain point.

fyi, ACO stands for accountable care organization.

think good, Better and the very VERY BEST!

we make the effort to learn to DO it right!

then seek to DO it all “righteously”!

ALL in the Lord’s strength

to God’s GLORY!

out at 10.49 am.

in and out again at 10.55 am.

in and out one more time at 11.09 am. just one more teeny tiny detail.

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