5), there are countless choices for us to make individually and/or collectively, but some choices are good and others much much better because, because, because

4.11 am,  edit draft > more edit > in again at 5.27 am and out at 5.29 am

so, where do we go from here folks?

personally, I prefer to talk face to face with the person or with all of the group together.

I have great ideas to offer all of Saskatchewan and all of Canada a Mari usque ad Mare and much wisdom to bring to any table if you and I and all of us will agree to work with the *truth and not with opinions.

*ideally scripture from an a.k.j.v. Bible asked for 101 copies, got 65, expecting 36 more

If we are ready and willing it is better yet to work with the Holy Spirit and God’s truth.

There are challenges and BIG opportunities on five (5) key levels which are physical, emotional, social, a very tough zone which I have identified as transitional and spiritual.

I would like to upgrade my presentation style to include articulation, illustration and visual snap shots and short video clips to clarify a point as a better way to communicate

out this time at 5.45 am/ title edit 5.59 am

it is now 6.09 am, Friday, 19-12-2014, and I would like to present my first proposal to all of the people of Saskatchewan and to each and every  individual community.

Initially, there is little or no direct cost.

expansion costs will be generated by the project itself.

If the people of Saskatchewan will do this, you will provide a model for all of Canada

BC wants to spend 8.8 Billion dollars to provide electricity to 450,000 homes. If BC fully implemented this idea, they could shave all the cost off their current health care budget

Thunder Bay Ontario as one community in all of Ontario has 1000 patients in LTC at what cost and another 400 on various waiting lists at what personal and family distress

The goal, objective, aim, purpose, is to shave BIG BIG dollars off health care costs and to make these BIG funds and even ENORMOUS FUNDS available for other uses.

NOW, before some one makes up ten thousand reasons why this idea will not work

meet with me for 2 or 3 minutes to allow me to make a case for this initial proposal

out at 6.43 am.

*edit added 03.01.2015 at 2.34 pm > search for words.usask.ca/medical education                > bring up Deirdre Bonnycastle’s Medical Education Blog. I started with Nov 27 post and read back to Feb. 4, 2014.  > “good content!” and a future resource for Canadians wanting to intelligently address Canada’s Health Care Mess.

** edit added, 03/01/2015 at 2.40 pm > reference A vision for high-quality health care, published Nov. 30, 2011 2.39 PM EST article 2252191/the globeandmail.com

*** God willing, I’m now ten months short of 80 years young! > still lots of vim and plenty of vogor!


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