what if Canada decides to wait until 2040 to address the health and wellness of us older Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare?

signing in at 9.25 am, Saturday, 20-12-2014 and out at 9.29 am.

I’ll not post comments at this time but will return periodically from time to time to give you something substantial to think about and to give you cause to reconsider our great lack of collective and collaborative action.

who can see? who understands what is at stake? who wants to? who hopes to?

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2,                [[[[[  “?????”  ]]]]],

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Sir,Ma’am, here is something for all of us to contemplate. posted at 9.49 am, If half of all Americans will be obese by 2030 how will Canadians fare? If their health care costs increase by $48 Billion annually over the next two decades how will our health care costs fare? ….and how many more cases of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer will we be treating? How will this affect the cost of LTC, the length of waiting lists, the health and wellness of our health care workers and other burdens ….eh?

do we really really want to wait and wait and wait and procrastinate even longer?

OR, will we look at what God does have to say to us about all of this?

if you have time today, read Titus 1:16 and Titus 2:14-15.

if you’re busy today, try to find time tomorrow.

do you not see the countless blessings?

out this time at 10.29 am.

“God Bless!”



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