I was just asked: “How are you today?” > quickly my answer was: “Wonderful! ….just Wonderful!”

in at 6.55 am.
Thank You Father for YOUR GREAT LOVE for me and for all of humanity!
Thank You Lord Jesus for ALL of the wonderful Blessings You pile on me!
out at 6.56 am.

want more?

>     My desire      is to serve GOD                                                                                                       with joyfulness and with gladness of heart                                                                                           for the abundance of all things HE provides me and us.                                                                            – see Deuteronomy 28:47


> imagine this > our stage coach thunders into town > stops on a dime > two guys unload a huge treasure chest and open it up > we all look inside!

in Saturday, 31.01.2015 at 4.24 am.

* I’m not able to place all of the text in the location of my choice > please bear with me
and gents
know this that

today is special

> if you will take the time

> join me for a short chit chat!

> invest 5 or 10 minutes this morning

> discover what is in this TREASURE CHEST for you

> what suits you and your family and your community?

………………………….the choice is a Better Life for the rest of your life!

………………………………….Yes you can find a Better Life by far!

…discover what to do and learn how to do it right/righteously

…..change a few thoughts, attitudes and habits

or stay in the dark

and continue on with contention and strife                                                                more pain and confusion,                                                                                         etc., etc., etc.

in 2014, Canada’s population was estimated to be 35,540,419

So my fellow Canadians, from coast to coast, what do we want?                                                      less illness and little or no disease?                                                                        perfect peace, fullness of joy, fun, fun, fun, life

                                                                                  better health by far?                                      OR     MORE illness and MORE disease

We make our own individual and collective path and the beds we lie in by the choices we make and by what we actually do and by all of those things which we refuse to do

              please be truthful,  what do we really want?

you tell me

and admit to yourself first

if and when enabled and subsequently able

(  ), (   ), [[[[[ ]]]]], [                    ],       ><Xxxx>,            >>> 

please understand that we cannot have it both ways

the BEST we can do is get all of the facts and then choose.

out at 4.55 am

Can you and I handle more yet?

are we ready?

for change?

out at 6.39

Who is ready to become actively involved in helping all of us by helping those in greatest need?

in at 5.29 am, Friday, 30.01.2015, out right away at 5.30 am.

Who would like an intellectual blessing and a very special social treat?

search for dorisinc.ca and find the video interview where Shirley Roberts spoke to Moira Brown of 100 Huntley Street about our Society’s current crisis-driven approach to caregiving and how a business like approach working in a prepared, informed and proactive way will work far better.

< if you are bold and brave, we could discuss the spiritual approach >

* I also discovered “Parenting Your Parents” Third Edition, 2014 by Bart J. Mindszenthy and Dr. Michael Gordon. Ordered a copy. Should arrive in a week or 10 days. Read reviews. Sounds like an excellent resource.

Who is getting really really interested now?

Who is proactive by nature?

Who is typically reactive?

Do you see or not?

Who is wise?

– 5.54 am.


> in again at 6.15 am/p.s., /post script >

> if you are overtired, anxious, uneasy about something and/or not resting well, you may be dealing with chronic stress and need a Rehab program.

> if you are recovering from an actual illness, just had surgery, experienced a set back recently and/or now feel out of sorts, you may need a very special customized Rehab routine which is just perfect for you.

> BUT, who is going to figure this out for you?

> For the results you need and want, what all needs to be done?

. . . . . what is the plan that is just right for you sir? and for you ma’am?

< and dare I ask, what is the perfect plan for either of you? >

> my view is that we are missing key steps and we have inadequacies we do not recognize because of current lack of perceptive understanding.

> we have become the BLIND attempting to lead the blind.

> presently, we are simply groping in the dark,

> even with ALL of OUR right changes . . .

> but with righteous changes

< it’s a NEW playing field >

< a new opportunity >

<  Matthew 18:19-20   >

< John 8:12 >

< so, who is getting real interested now? >

> read all the way back and review to the January 25th posting: hoping for and believing for good to excellent health                                                 > study the *edit     >< Xxxx >,    >>> < +, ++, +++ >                                           > do you see and do you understand what is illustrated physically?                           > do you understand what is being said spiritually?


“So, how do we proceed from here?”

in at 8.45 am, 29.01.2015 and out at 8.46.

if and when we are in the same book and on the same page and in the same paragraph and we do see eye to eye, then, it is always much easier to come to the same understanding/s and it is easier to work together.

Otherwise, seriously, we must patiently learn how to honestly communicate better. – 8.55 am.

Who will review with me Ephesians Chapter 4 and Galatians Chapters 5 and 6?   – 8.59 am.

What is the NEXT step?

in at 6.56 am 29.01.2015, out at 6.59

Who will risk talking to me for 5 or 10 minutes?

Who will risk putting me to work for 5 to 10 days straight?

Who will be my very first business client and in which city, town, village?

in which community and in which province will that be?

Who sees what I’m talking about and who understands the implications?

AND without a hard sell. Just the simple facts articulated, illustrated and demonstrated. Case histories will come easily and quickly and pile up.

I’m looking forward to “quality” pictures and “on the money” video clips!

out at 7.15 am

my intention this morning was to ADD “quality” understanding to yesterday’s post!

in at 4.55 am, Thursday, 29.01.2015, publish and exit at 4.56 am!

The reason I sign out asap is because in the past when I have waited too long I could not find the spot to click to publish what I had posted,….so I patiently go to all of the extra trouble. Thank You Father for teaching me patience! Thank You Lord Jesus for taking good care of naughty old me.     – Now 5.05 am and I’m updating this post.

In again at 5.13 am.

“We’re talking how BEST to declutter and organize and then downsize!”

I know that I can be a BIG help in this situation and so I’m ASKING you:

“How can I help you and your family?”

“and how can I also help your community?”

“Who is ready to investigate, explore, do, learn to help yourself and then with the hands on experience under your belt the wonderful opportunity will come to share and to help others too.”

Then I can comfortably ask: “How can we BEST help other families in other cities, towns, villages and communities anywhere in all of Canada a Mari usque ad Mare deal with their problems/challenges and with this very very special physical/emotional/social/ for some a [[[[[ real challenge of an open, honest and mutually supportive ]]]]] interpersonal relationship and then if and when fully prepared < +, ++, +++ > a most glorious and unique spiritual opportunity?”

-now 5.27 am at this point in time. Back in at 5.40 am.

Yes, we are ready to start and not stuck in a rut!

Nothing is holding us back!

We have strong faith!

fear is conquered!

we’re not afraid.

Yes, we see!

– out at 5.55 am.

> “is it a GO!”

– 6.12 am

Yes, I’m past 79!

Yes, God willing, I’m on a short countdown to 80!

Yes, anything and everything discussed here is doable and achievable!!

What I see is do the word and do the work and do the Father’s will!!!

– check James 1:22, James 1:25 and Hebrews 10:36!!!

Who will *step up to the plate with me?

-6.37 am.

*edit/8.30 am.