find me 100 volunteers with precisely the same level of fitness or illness and then . . .

10.20 am. Sunday, 04/01/2015,

> here is the idea

> we start with 100 volunteers

> a fitness program is set up where each one of 100 participants agrees to follow a selected program which is pre-planned to increase by one percent increments.

Once one of the participant reaches the first designated measurable level of fitness, that first participant drops out of the program and that level of fitness is then maintained by that participant for the duration of the test training period.

Now we have one participant in their own maintenance program and 99 together in the original program which continues to progress until a second person reaches the two percent higher level of fitness. > Then a second participant drops out of the main group and maintains that level of fitness for the duration of the test training period.

The other 98 participants carry on, but again when a third person reaches the next measurable level of fitness, then a third participant drops out of the group and maintains their fitness at that designated level for the duration of the test training period.

do  you get the picture?

if 100 levels seems to be too many at this time, let’s try for 20 levels so there is as wide a range of measurable progress as is possible.      note:        >  just so you and I both know, in most cases we set our expectations far too low by a very wide margin.                                                    > I’m very sorry to say.

* edit, it may be that several participants would opt out at a particular level and that is OK as long as they agree to maintain the level of fitness achieved during the test period to date so that accurate comparisons can be made.  – 8.30 am, 05/01/2015

out at 11.01 am.

**this edit added 8.48 am, 08/01/2015, Another useful option is to offer all participants the option to opt out when the next higher up level of fitness is reached. Hopefully there will be at least 20 levels of fitness established over the test period which can then be compared and contrasted in various meaningful ways to help all of us understand our options better.

If necessary, we’ll try it a second or third or fourth or fifth time until we get it right.

“Who is with me on this all the way?”

“Who wants to be healthy?”

– out at 8.58 am.


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