“Who will make the patient careful effort required to learn to deep squat perfectly?”

in at 4.40 am, Tuesday, 06/01/2015 and out at 4.58 am.

> looking for serious volunteers of all ages:

> 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s

> this is not an easy task

> but, yes it is doable

> and it is worth

> the effort.

“Do you and your coach have the patience needed and will you make the effort to overcome all compensation patterns including the infamous and notorious “butt wink”?”

**edit 6.51 am > the eventual goal is to do 100 perfect squats daily.

***edit 11.44 am, 07/01/2015, > the eventual goal is to do 100 perfect deep squats daily

and even at the age of 39, 49, 59, 69, 79 or if and when 80 years young!

it happened again > between 7.49 am and 8.11 am, I lost a valuable revision to this post.  > correction, it did not happen again, I went into the wrong post. I apologize WordPress.

I will try to recreate the thought and the wording used to express the thought.

Recently, I reviewed the 2014 content of Deirdre Bonnycastle’s blog on teaching in medicine  > search > usask.ca/medical education blog. The author gives excellent insight into professional high quality teaching and effective methods versus run of the mill and mediocre ineffective teaching. There is a huge difference.

I expressed a desire for easy access to the very very very best teaching methods and style for this entire initiative from the start to the finish.  > the time is now 8.25 am

*edit 9.02, my understanding is the squat is very a very complex move if done perfect.

So do we see this wonderful and unique opportunity to bring perfection to Canadian health care simply by means of perfect teaching?    Who is in favor?  > out at 9.19 am.


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