permit me to make the point this way: “Who is willing to change very little and who is prepared to make a lot of change?”

in at 9.20 am, 07-01-2015 and out at 9.21 am.

* edit, we’re assuming that we will access quality information and the best instruction.

I’m reviewing my notes on the deep squat and I’m setting a timer to do stairs. I have increased from 20 sets of 4 flights down and 4 flights back up to 33 sets yesterday.

Each flight down and each flight up is 9 steps. Down four flights and up four flights is double 9 steps times four.

Three times down and up is 9 x 4 x 2 x 3 and equals 216 steps

Five sets of three equals 1080 steps.

Fifteen sets of three equals 3240 steps.

While this is more steps than Grouse Mountain, all of my steps are fixed at 7 1/2 ”

Grouse mountain apparently has 2850 steps up. What I don’t have is the critical detail for proper training and conditioning. Has no one done this essential assessment yet? Time for a senior to get involved so that it becomes doable by active seniors and elders

Who sees and understands clearly what is needed here?

Is the needed information available now? or is it obtainable in due course??

God willing, I will challenge many Canadians to climb Grouse Mountain with me.

Adults 30 to 50, older adults in their 60’s, seniors in their 70’s and elders in their 80’s, elders in their 90’s and even older.

-9.42 am.

Who is interested in curing their diabetes and sufficiently serious to want to start?

Who will join me and we read together Ephesians 4:14 and 15 and 2 Corinthians 6:16?

– 10.44 am.



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