God willing, now is my time to step up to the plate and help shatter stereotypes about the physical limits of older people

10.31 am, 19.01.2015, let us take a good look at what what this could look like shall we? > out at 10.32

Who will fully support what is proposed here?

in thousands of ways?

in hundreds of ways?

in a dozen ways?

>, >, >, let us get started on some of the *right path(s)!

Then, who will support seeking the real spiritual path to spiritual life?

be fully aware >, >, >, >, > some of us need to make the <hint, hint, hint> *effort in ever increasing faith to seek out  judgment, …….….<truth> all of those *many *many *many *many *many missing piecesand then take all of the right steps in the right order on the path of life.   11.32 am.


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