Who has this exact same maladie as me?

8.15 am, 21.01.2015,  out at 8.31 am. / 2nd time out at 8.53am

> it was described to me as a pinched nerve in my mid thoracic area due to one of my discs falling apart bit by bit.

> location fits! > just under and medial to the left shoulder blade!

> For relief and comfort, I lay flat on my back on my heating pad on high and move my muscles in small and large circles and back and forth through the full range of motion.

>> I’m just about ready to go back to doing stairs and hopefully add Miriam Nelson’s Strong Women Stay Young strength training program or something similar or something new equal or better.

>>> anyone interested in joining in with me any time soon?

just so you know, age or existing frailty is no barrier.

but attitudes, beliefs and faith do matter!

* do you want to chat?

* ready to talk?




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