please allow me to share briefly with you in this way

7.02 am, Saturday, 24/01/2015,  > out at 7.29 am

who will join me anytime soon? : (X), [[[[[ XX ]]]]], [  XXX ], in spirit? in truth?

1). (((physically, I did 250 flights of stairs yesterday, No pain. Yes, I’m coming back! )))

2). [[[[[ emotionally, the people I should know better and BEST, clam up, oh well, I’m hopeful. ]]]]]

3). [ socially, life is pretty much a battleground with plenty of disagreement, contention and endless strife. ]

4). I admit, I do get lots of +ve revelation, and I’m asking for opportunity to apply it wisely and correctly!    < soon >

5) <<<” can we actually talk and chat openly and truthfully and spiritually yet? . . . . .  you and I?”  >>>

> if yes////yes,

> Who has their well used akjv Bible handy?

> does any of this make any sense to you Sir?/ OR to you Ma’am?


> if yes, join me at Matthew 6:33, Matthew 7:7 and Matthew 18:19-20.

> and “by love serve one another” and then boldly “speak the truth in love”

> put your life on hold, join me and review with me Deuteronomy 28:2


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