Who is hoping for and believing for good to excellent physical health and for the very very best emotional wellness?

in today at 5.38 am, Sunday, 25/01/2015  and out at 6.04 am.

“Who is doing this right?

“Who understands what is discussed here?”

“Who is doing this correctly and righteously?

“If you don’t know now, do you want to know?”

“Who is hoping for and believing for a good life??”

Tell me, how many in their 50’s? 60s? 70s? 80s? and 90s do?”

Question: how many adults in their 50s? older adults in their 60s? seniors in their 70s, elders in their 80s and even older and frail elders in their 90s are still hoping for and believing for good health and emotional wellness? > this *edit at 7.47 am, 25/01/2015  …yeah! yeah! yeah! if we agree on this!

do you see what I see what I see  physically? emotionally? socially?transitionally? interpersonally? spiritually?

> Now let me ask each of you one by one, Who is also believing for good to excellent physical health and for the very very best emotional wellness for themselves personally and for their family and for their community?

> be honest and be truthful, please do not make up some lame excuse.

FYI, > there are 5 major problems and there is one key solution:

(1) we eat poor food most of the time.

[2] most of us have a rotten attitude most of the time.

(3) we move too little and when we do move we move all wrong.

<4&5> we hang out in the flesh, we resist the spirit and we avoid the truth.

“want proof?”

“want the whole truth?”

“Give me a written OK to video tape what people say and what people do.”

> “We must learn what is wrong and then choose to do what is righteous.”

( ), [[[[[ ]]]]], [  XXXxx  xxXXX ], > < X xx >  >>>*   <+, ++, +++ >                          – *edit 7.49 am, 30.01.2015, Thank You Father!, Thank You Lord Jesus!

<…..and yes, there is a catch, but it is as easy as dropping a plumb line!>

“Saskatchewan, are you interested in working with me on this?”

“Who wants the benefits and all of the Blessings too?”

if you are interested, I would like to introduce some ideas about what we can do individually and collectively to get more out of the physical, emotional, social, interpersonal and spiritual aspects of community living.

edits at 7.08 am

> * articulate >> ** illustrate  >>> *** demonstrate >>>> let’s do it.

* book mark: Eat, Drink and Be healthy by Walter C. Willet, M.D.

** book mark: Bodyweight Strength Training by Bret Contreras


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