can this old timer soon past 80 suddenly become an instant “rip roaring” overnight Canada wide business success?

Is it possible?

Is it doable?

There are BIG problems to solve

and MUCH to be done

to find solutions

and answers

do we understand that                                                                                   to make solid changes happen that will last,                                               we must first be willing to make certain foundational changes – 7.21 am

We’re not doing it right

We’re not doing it righteously

“God willing, I’m going to give it all a try.”

God willing, I will achieve success God’s way!

“So, who in their 70s or 80s is game to join me now?

“Will Saskatchewan support this rather bold fledgling initiative?”

“Will Canadians support the very great on going effort needed here?”

“Will Canadians see the GREAT opportunity and respond??”

“Do we see all the benefits and the blessings too??

“Who has the *faith without the **fear??

“who is wanting physical benefits

AND spiritual blessings too?”


“Who is ***ready?”

in spirit?

and in truth?


no lame excuses!

ready to meet face to face?

eyeball to eyeball?


how soon can we, < you and I > get this far? <* edit, 6.27 am, 28th>

out at 7.52 am, 27/01/2015, Thank You Father!, Thank You Lord Jesus!

in again at 7.57 am, how soon do we get this far, ready for that KEY AND that critical and that so so so essential VERY first righteous step!

. . . . . who really does get the complete picture?

…..who is motivated and who is inspired??

* this edit added 6.16 am, Wed, 28/01/2015.









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