my intention this morning was to ADD “quality” understanding to yesterday’s post!

in at 4.55 am, Thursday, 29.01.2015, publish and exit at 4.56 am!

The reason I sign out asap is because in the past when I have waited too long I could not find the spot to click to publish what I had posted,….so I patiently go to all of the extra trouble. Thank You Father for teaching me patience! Thank You Lord Jesus for taking good care of naughty old me.     – Now 5.05 am and I’m updating this post.

In again at 5.13 am.

“We’re talking how BEST to declutter and organize and then downsize!”

I know that I can be a BIG help in this situation and so I’m ASKING you:

“How can I help you and your family?”

“and how can I also help your community?”

“Who is ready to investigate, explore, do, learn to help yourself and then with the hands on experience under your belt the wonderful opportunity will come to share and to help others too.”

Then I can comfortably ask: “How can we BEST help other families in other cities, towns, villages and communities anywhere in all of Canada a Mari usque ad Mare deal with their problems/challenges and with this very very special physical/emotional/social/ for some a [[[[[ real challenge of an open, honest and mutually supportive ]]]]] interpersonal relationship and then if and when fully prepared < +, ++, +++ > a most glorious and unique spiritual opportunity?”

-now 5.27 am at this point in time. Back in at 5.40 am.

Yes, we are ready to start and not stuck in a rut!

Nothing is holding us back!

We have strong faith!

fear is conquered!

we’re not afraid.

Yes, we see!

– out at 5.55 am.

> “is it a GO!”

– 6.12 am

Yes, I’m past 79!

Yes, God willing, I’m on a short countdown to 80!

Yes, anything and everything discussed here is doable and achievable!!

What I see is do the word and do the work and do the Father’s will!!!

– check James 1:22, James 1:25 and Hebrews 10:36!!!

Who will *step up to the plate with me?

-6.37 am.

*edit/8.30 am.


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