> imagine this > our stage coach thunders into town > stops on a dime > two guys unload a huge treasure chest and open it up > we all look inside!

in Saturday, 31.01.2015 at 4.24 am.

* I’m not able to place all of the text in the location of my choice > please bear with me
and gents
know this that

today is special

> if you will take the time

> join me for a short chit chat!

> invest 5 or 10 minutes this morning

> discover what is in this TREASURE CHEST for you

> what suits you and your family and your community?

………………………….the choice is a Better Life for the rest of your life!

………………………………….Yes you can find a Better Life by far!

…discover what to do and learn how to do it right/righteously

…..change a few thoughts, attitudes and habits

or stay in the dark

and continue on with contention and strife                                                                more pain and confusion,                                                                                         etc., etc., etc.

in 2014, Canada’s population was estimated to be 35,540,419

So my fellow Canadians, from coast to coast, what do we want?                                                      less illness and little or no disease?                                                                        perfect peace, fullness of joy, fun, fun, fun, life

                                                                                  better health by far?                                      OR     MORE illness and MORE disease

We make our own individual and collective path and the beds we lie in by the choices we make and by what we actually do and by all of those things which we refuse to do

              please be truthful,  what do we really want?

you tell me

and admit to yourself first

if and when enabled and subsequently able

(  ), (   ), [[[[[ ]]]]], [                    ],       ><Xxxx>,            >>> 

please understand that we cannot have it both ways

the BEST we can do is get all of the facts and then choose.

out at 4.55 am

Can you and I handle more yet?

are we ready?

for change?

out at 6.39


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