first post of today’s triple post

in at 5.54 am 01.02.2015 and out at 5.55

the way it works is the first post is read third.

1, first we ASK, but we must ask in faith and not in fear

2, second, we build the courage and the confidence to SAY “no” “No” “NO!”

3, third, we listen and we learn to do, Do and DO    >< Xxxx >,   >>> +,  ++,  +++

> if you have chosen life and are still on the right path, you tell me where you are at.

> my computer is unusually slow to respond today!

> a good sign of GREATER opposition!

> are you having problems?

> do you see what I see?

> I see opportunity!

> blessings!

> change

> +++

now 7.23 am

“You tell me who is ready < and fully prepared > for the changes that really count?”

it is now 7.33 am, Sunday, 01.02.2015.


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