if from our hearts we choose to willingly obey each and every step of the way

in at 5.00 am, Monday, 02.02.2015 out first time at 5.09

Dear friends, antagonists and dear enemies,



you and I,

individually and together,

seek and search for God our Father in heaven with all of our heart

and if from our hearts we choose to willingly obey each step along the way,

God through the Holy Spirit leads us and guides us to all truth > step by step by STEP

in time

after a time

we come to believe

with faith and without fear

if and when XXx, >, X, Xx,  > +++,  >

ready to discuss possibilities and miracles?

do you want to talk what’s on your mind and what’s on your heart?

do you see what I see?

on the same page

you and I?



today, I’m going to ADD some quality content to yesterday’s post, rather than introduce another topic.


> Please permit yourself to indulge in two separate thoughts.

A, first, what to do to help yourself in every which way you can imagine.

B, second, what ought you and I prepare ourselves to do to help others physically, emotionally, socially, interpersonally with their very close relationships AND then HOW to actually help others who are genuinely interested in doing so, to connect with the Holy Spirit, with GOD our Father in heaven and with Jesus Christ.

> not many know this, BUT if we do go out of our way to help others, God will teach us and guide us and lead us by the way we should go and if we willingly obey each step then our peace becomes as a river and our righteousness as the waves of the sea

please be

aware that

if and when

> Xx Xx,   > X, Xx, > +++  

we are guided and led to grow up! and to put away childish things!

> to meet on the same page, please join me briefly while we review Isaiah 1;19-20, Isaiah 47:10, 1618, Isaiah 42:6-7, 22-23 and then Isaiah 58:6 and Isaiah 58:6f

* if you or I have completed the required preparation or are ready to do it or at least try

** let us examine carefully what is next on the comprehensive to do list!

*** where exactly are we on the path we have chosen to follow?

> God is teaching me great patience and tolerance too.

> I’m mindful of what is right and what is righteous

> I see a GREAT opportunity for all of us!

> BUT it requires action and focus

> and there is a learning curve

> AND faith without fear

> see 1 John 4:18!

Tuesday, 03/02/2015,

5.33 am

* edits, 6.33 am


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