I invite you to invite this olde timer to get involved and to actively participate in *this, **that and/or ***the other

5.34 am, Wednesday 04.02.2015 and out at 5.41

today’s first post will be read third, so I’m best to think in reverse (actually I do this as a part of my daily memory training in the last year in my 70’s as an active and functional senior before becoming an 80 year old equally active and still functional elder citizen.)

…..can I share with you?

>>>  can I help?

* I’m available!

seriously, I’m suggesting that you do give this some thought,

<<< consider asking for my input in whatever *,  **, and/or  *** projects you’ve got going now or would like to get into soon >>>

this title edit and content addition happened at 9.36 am, 06/02/2015

*/**/***/edit  > what have you got going? need help? > consider starting with a declutter project to get organized and to help a senior or elder downsize  – 5.55 am, 05.02.2015

Thank You Father for Your Love and Thank you Lord Jesus for all the daily and hourly Blessings You give to me.

> content ADD ed at 6.41am.

> be mindful there are five playing fields which are actually five minor battlegrounds              > be mindful, if you hope to overcome, conquer and win you need faith without fear                                                                                                                                            > become mindful asap:

that we MUST very diligently seek God’s helping hand in almost everything we do

1: (physically), 2: [[[[[ emotionally ]]]]], 3: [ socially ], 4: inter personally, BIG/BIG TIME,

and then, if and when we choose to diligently pursue a number of essential changes

the REAL spiritual battles begin in the SPIRIT.

<<<  until then, we are the BLIND leading and leading and leading the BLIND  >>>

7.45 am edit > I’m ready to HELP create “QUALITY” teaching videos and SHARE them

WHO is  interested in actively pursuing this OPPORTUNITY?

anyone in Saskatchewan interested?

if you are interested:

“Speak up!”

we are

running out of


Who believes that they do understand correctly?



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