God willing, I’m ready to do, Do and *DO whatever can be safely done to help you and to serve you Sir! and you Ma am!

posted at 8.20 am, Saturday, 07.02.2015 and out at 8.20

in and out at 8.27 am to do a brief *title edit . .update

what can this olde 79 year old Saskatchewan senior do to help others

HOW MUCH MORE can an older 79 year old senior DO with the right support

AND what can 79 year olds do to help others with lots and LOTS of  righteous support

Who wants health and wellness and Who wants perfect Peace and the fullness of JOY

Who wants to learn over the next few months how to become a few years younger

Who has an aching back that is just killing them each and every day

– brief content *edit 8.40 am and update


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