The opportunity is this, if any one of us learns how to help others; that person will learn how to help themselves and in this process learn how to help all other Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare . . . eh!

in at 6.01 am, Sunday, 08/02/2015 and out at

to all,

to everyone,

just so you know:

to individuals, couples and families,

living anywhere…………in Saskatchewan

if you are in distress, discord, chaos or worse

and, if you are open to receive help from an olde guy

I am available to help you with any problem or difficulty

I believe in my heart that God our Father in heaven wants me to do this

at this time,

and so,

if you want to know how I am today or if you want to ask what’s new?

come sit with me for a minute or two and permit me share with you what is new!

and if you are courageous and sufficiently strong enough to bite the bullet!

let us chit chat about what is possible for you and for yours!

if and when we are sufficiently prepared, God is willing and as the Lord leads!

….out at 6.24 am   … and out again at 6.48 am/ and once more at 6.55


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