to all Canadians, a mari usque ad mare, your fullest full attention please

in at 4.23 am, Monday, 09/02/2015 and out again at 4.24/4.42

just a few minutes ago, I googled how many Canadians are elders over the age of 80 and up came an interesting review by Kelly Cranswick and Donna Dosman from 21 Nov 2008 > an intro, 9 headings and a summary.

one of the headings that got my attention was who performs what tasks and how often.

Why would that topic grab my attention?

> if you are getting to know me you will recognize that I see Opportunity, a big opportunity! a BIG Opportunity and a Huge, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC OPPORTUNITY

For one, are your muscles tuned up and do we know how to move and do safely?

Are your glutes in good shape? How is your posture and your alignment?

Do you know how to spot the REALLY BIG problems in their earliest stages?

As a caregiver do you want or need any coaching or counselling or spiritual advice?

Could you or would any of those receiving care from you benefit from spiritual insight?

believe it or not but I’ve been around the block a few times and picked up plenty of excellent material and some high octane stuff!

I do see a spiritual healing center

I believe that your visit and you bringing your faith and you and I believing together for physical and emotional wellness and for spiritual life willl help bring this into reality.

( more ), [[[[[ more ]]]], [     more       ]    >> More      and   >>>  MORE

and I’m making an all out effort to learn how to share and to be taught how to share

Come for a short visit to discuss good, better and BEST eldercare and good, better and BEST care for Canadian caregivers a Mari usque ad Mare.

I’m going to look for a HUGE wall map of Canada and then when you come to visit, you can point out to me where you live and if we go on line you could if you want to, say “Hi” to relatives and friends from coast to coast!   ….and even add…….

“look at me, my glutes are now strong enough to qualify me to climb Grouse Mountain!”

as you demonstrate ( how to do the air bench correctly! )

and as you add < a new smile of JOY!  >

YES, elders too can change and receive all of the benefits and all of the BLESSINGS

if you join me for a few minutes

we will read Isaiah 42:22 and then Galatians 5:5 through to Galatians 6:10

Then, at that point, if it suits and you are still interested we can discuss Restore

if there is time, our visit can include > renew  > refresh > more  > More  > MORE

update 5.46 am

got the time ….. to take a quick look at John 10:16?

this update at 6.01 am


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