we’re on a roll as the saying goes, so let’s ask: “who is ready and willing to go for the BIG prize? and who passes!”

in at 7.49 am, Monday, 09/02/2015 out at 7.50 first time

* first title edit and update at 8.05 am/2nd 8.09/3rd edit and update at 8.12 am

* 4th title edit who passes and update at 8.20 am

why am I tracking the times? because people are checking this site all day and the title and content are being edited and changed frequently after the initial post as I am trying to demonstrate at this time  …now 8.21

it is now 8.26 am and let’s ask a meaningful question this way: Who wants to start saving $millions (Big dollars) and $Billions and $Billions of ( the really BIG ) health care dollars in 2015 and then more and More and MORE every year for the next 20 years?

And Who prefers to wait another ten (10) years until 2025 before we get serious?

AND Who insists on WAITING another twenty (20) years until 2035 before we start?

Who wants some or most of the benefits of a good diet and adequate exercise?

Who wants some or many or all of the emotional and social benefits of plan B?

Who will seek and search diligently with all of their heart for the spiritual BLESSINGS

this content added and then updated at 8.42 am

a little touch up at 8.49 and update

now, back again at 8.52 with A key question: if you and I are going to talk, tell me if you can and if you understand the correct answer, “how does one communicate with you?”

> checked my stats at 9.02 and there were 29 views of today’s post up to the moment.

> 9.05, I’m wondering: who is strong in their faith, is of good courage and has no fear


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