set aside a moment or two or a minute or two to believe and to ask . . .

in at 7.39 am, this should be today’s fifth post, to be read first

set aside time to believe what? and to ask for what? ooout at 7.43

* title edit at 7.47 added or two after a minute

** content edit at 7.48 am

> what’s there to think about? what do you want? do you want to save $millions in health care? or would you want to save $Billions of dollars in health care costs? do you want better care for the overworked and stressed health care providers? do you want to learn how  to put the brakes on growing older and grow younger and stronger for a year or two or for ten or twenty years or longer?

> I could write a book about what I know already and perhaps I will if God is willing

> talk to yourself about what you want, keep a diary and after a time, come and tell me.

update and sign out at 7.55 am


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