a test post

test logging in at 4.51 pm, 19/02/2015 out at 4.52

back in at 4.56, that’s 4 minutes

had a person knowledgeable about computer remove files etc which “I didn’t need”.

so far so good.

I hope to take some video of exercise I do to keep myself in shape at 79

I am not an expert so there may be a struggle with the learning curve

I apologize for the awkward moments getting this blog reorganized

nevertheless, in the end, my belief is that there will be many benefits for adults of all ages, older adults, seniors, elders and even older and frail elders

and my hope and fervent prayer is that there will also be many spiritual blessings for those who are of the household of faith who listen and respond right and righteously.

if I could, I would color benefits red and blessings green

what is happening today?

* the color icon is not working the same if it is working at all. my apologies for not being able to deliver with this post > actually, I prefer face to face communication > but more toil and trouble this way      > more patience required which is a good thing for me

update and out at 5.12 pm and a second update and out at 5.23 pm


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