Canadians, a Mari usque ad Mare, if we are wise, we will make greater effort to get ready and prepare because, because, because, because and because


in at 3.22 am, Thursday, 26.02.2015 and as my habit is post a bit and quickly then out at 3.29 am   *title edit 3.30 am and update added greater to title at 3.43 am

This sagely advice is coming from an active senior on the final countdown to becoming an elder early in October 2015. > more detail to follow

in again at 4.23 am. > if you are interested in what is possible for seniors past 70 and what is possible for elders past 80, if and when one is willing to make the right effort, I will give you my perspective and add my two cents worth in regards to what is possible

> < if one is strong and of good courage and without fear, uncertainty and/or doubt >

> Yesterday, as one example, I climbed up and down over 3,000 stair steps which at 9 steps per flight is more than 300 flights of stairs in one day.

I did this easily without any special effort and I am comfortable doing stairs daily.

I do stretch very carefully and move my limbs to maintain a range of motion.

I do use my own body and my own body weight to add muscle strength

and there is more and More and MORE to share with you

BUT, I experience no pain and no discomfort.

I am 79 years of age.

Who wants to know that they do understand what to do and are doing it

who wants detailed instructions with still shots of each of the essential steps?

Who wants to save Canadian health care system $billions and $Billions and $BILLIONS

update and over and out at 4.56 am, 26.02.2015

* key content edit and update at 7.02 am.

please read Hebrews 6:12 with me

this delightful *edit at 7.11 am

what would you say if we

added some “quality”

memory training

*edit 7.19

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