Canadians can choose to talk about doing something new, but continue to use band aids and roll aids or make changes that do work and actually achieve good, Better and the very BEST results!

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“Action does speak louder than words folks!”

Action can be right or wrong and action can also be righteous, if and when a person gets far enough along the path of life to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and to learn how to make the better choices on the fabulous path to making “perfect” choices.

AND, if you are a believer and are of the household of faith, join me for coffee or tea and we can read James 1:22 and discuss the state of our national health care options and help formulate a godly action plan to recommend to sane adult Canadians of any age who are ready to take some personal responsibility for the state of their own health and their own wellness and their very own spiritual life too.

If we see eye to eye and if we fully *agree, we can *ASK and *PRAY for healing.

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If you have an independent spirit, a pioneer spirit and especially if you have the Holy Spirit guiding you moment by moment, please contact me, a.s.a.p, while there is still time to get ready and while there is still time to fully prepare.

> if it is business as usual and there is no meaningful change, what financial disaster is predicted for Canada and for Canadians (in the Huntington Post) within *22 years, if we fail to correct the flaws, the faults and the countless errors which no one seems to see, please tell me why wouldn’t these easily correctable problems be discussed, addressed and some action initiated to hopefully correct them if possible or at least we should try.

*content edit added at 2.30 am, 02/03/2015 is: “or even within 22 weeks,” if we fail to

What do I say, If no one sees and no one understands and no one is aware.

Are we in a state of fear and actually paralized by our collective fears

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areas which would bear fruit include:

1,  improve inter personal communication

2, upgrade the content and quality of instruction

3, improve patient learning skills

4, customize care

5, add love

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Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for all of the benefits of right change and for all of the blessings of the righteous changes we do make and other more difficult changes we do hope and do intend to make with YOUR guidance and YOUR strength.

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