please do not read this post unless you are proactive and you are prepared and ready to choose an action plan pdq

in at 10.49 am, Thursday, 26/02/2015 posted by dkh and out at 11.05 am

>>> review this particular post periodically as short term memory training

Aim/goal: retain all key facts with detail in the short term memory of this 79 year old senior, ready for rapid recall.   *edit ADD  content underlined @ 5.33 am, 27/02/2015

> remember August 26.2015

> 25 Year G D is about to strike A, CIA insider warns

– from a money morning staff report

ADD this *edit, 12.04 pm, 2X/ d t

> he and colleagues believe impossible to avoid

> time is running out to prepare for the $100 t md

– misery index adds the true I r with the true u r leading to a s c

> predicts which b will c and how soon

– 5 dangerous f p

> first phase 70%

nightmarish endgame > wo  wd   e b   >> an extended period of g a

if any time soon, you are ready to look for the benefits and all of the blessings

*edit 11.37 am > doing it right BEST > review the Disney style of creative thinking

**edit, read Matthew 6:33, Luke 12:51-52, John 10:10, John 8:12, John 14:6, John 15:5

update and log out at 11.49 am


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