every day, you have more and more trouble doing stairs, but you do want some help, if there is still a way!

in at 6.15 am, Thursday, 26.02.2015, post some content and out at 6.21 am

Sir, Ma’am,

I would like to help you if you need some help and you want some help

I am not a physical therapist and not a personal trainer but I’ve had some personal experience in doing stairs and I am enthusiastic about helping someone who wants to help themselves and is willing to receive my help and willing to tolerate a bit of me and even a part of my two cents worth.

There may be little that can be done or there may be a lot.

The chances are excellent that much can be done

if we agree to examine what is right

and what is righteous

*edit, 6.43 am.

ADD this content * edit at 12.21 pm > our first volunteer is willing to keep records and agrees enthusiastically to patiently ease into a customized program of meaningful change and agrees to report any and all difficulties immediately. 12.37 pm update


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