the 7th recommended choice is about choosing “more” and * “More” and then . . . > even ** “MORE” spiritually!

logging in at 4.17 am, Saturday, 28th, February, 2015 to post the 7th choice of a string of recommended choices for you to consider today and every day.

I was given this list at 3.45 am.

Join me sometime and

God willing, I will

fill in blanks!

4.24 am

in at 7.24 am to add a title *edit and some *content edits

do not clutter your mind with worldly thoughts, worldly things, worldly affections, worldly lusts, nor fear.

> I’m being prompted to log out and return later when that prompting comes.

it is now 7.30 am

*title edit 7.34 am and out again

**title edit 7.39 am and out again immediately!

7.47 am, do you see . . . < . . . < +, ++, +++ > what I see?

update and out again at 7.49 am


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