let there be more, More and much MORE of * “it”

*title edit and this *content edit, 6.45 am, 10/03/2015,  OK, what is “it”?

“not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts”                          > check Zechariah 4:6   – d.k.h./ 6.52 am

7.36 am

more health, More wellness and much MORE LIFE . . . > . . . . . <     >   asap

and it will be __if and ___ when, then>

22 seconds

22 minutes

22 hours

22 days

22 months

22 years

Your word is truth

“it” is simple cause and effect

but mature faith without fear!

nothing complicated is ever required

but, the bottom line is still if and when and *only then

Review Hebrews chapters 2, 3 and 4 for some excellent insight

and read __________ for the deeper understanding which is missed by most, but “it” is essential and “it” is necessary

Any of our 35 plus million Canadians, a Mari usque ad Mare believing for healing?

“sometime this coming year in 2015?


question, 6.58 am, 10/03/2015, or will we wait 10 or 20 or 30 more years until 2025 or 2035 or 2045 until we have had enough and chose to address our faults and our flaws?

look at 1 John 2:15-17 and then examine Isaiah 55:6 and 7 and then Isaiah 55:8 to 13.

do you understand fully and do you get the true picture?

if not, you could ask.

this update added and out at 7.07 am, 10/03/2015.


*edit 8.26 am, as an example, we can plug in any toaster into any live socket and it works, but only if all when all of the necessary conditions are met.

Choosing health and wellness and life is just as simple as that.

“it” is just as simple as that.

BUT, something new,

our brain sometimes requires 10 to 20 seconds to imprint each simple thought

as an example take the 24 individual moves in some simple 30 second exercise

24 x 20 is 480 seconds which is 8 minutes and the instructor dumps all of the information during the 30 seconds when the exercise is being demonstrated.

and talking a mile a minute and mumbling as well!!

Who sees the problem and the solution?

What would Deidre Bonny Castle (U of S Med Ed) have to say about this observation?

out at 8.46 am

Who wants healing?

who wants health and wellness anytime soon?

who wants to know more about eternal spiritual life?

first, we must understand clearly what to do step by step

secondly, we must do it or at least attempt to do and then repeat again.

we watch for errors and make corrections if necessary

good records used properly can help us to stay on track and help us progress


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