let there be much more knowledge of the truth . . . > . . . . .

7.53 am, 04.03.2015

want to know more? ASK and then listen with focus and understanding.


our physical, emotional, mental, social, interpersonal, relationships and spiritual lives are all different worlds and require different understandings and different attitudes and different skills and then some to navigate successfully.

*content edit added, 6.32 am, 12.03.2015, concerns and issues can include financial assistance and supportive housing accommodation where and when needed. – 6.35.

Do you put purified water in the gas tank of your car and then expect high performance?

why do we guess and assume and use misinformation, when we could easily seek and search for the truth in each problem area?   8.03 am publish and log out

*content edit, 3.59 am, 09.03.2015, fyi, in my view and in my understanding, if we claim to be members of the household of faith we ought to be seeking the LORD and calling upon him while he is near <Isaiah 55:6> and not relying on the world. Take a careful look at Jeremiah 17:5 as one example and recognize the spiritual message for serious believers. Look at Joshua 9:14,15 for another example and warning. it is now 4.08 am


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